Promote Your Products or Services in FBCS's Summer 2021 Promotion Newsletter

Our Summer 2021 Promotion Newsletter is scheduled to be sent out in the last week of June.Once again, you have possibility to participate in the Newsletter and promote your products and services to other FBCS members. As previously, we will send separate Promotion Newsletters targeted to B2C and B2B companies.

If you want to join the Newsletter, please send the promotion material to fang.sunije@fbcs.fi by June 18th. The material should include 1 or 2 posters including a short promotion text and pictures on JPG format. For more information and any support needed please contact Fang Sunjie.


Q: What's the cost?

A: It is free for FBCS members.

Q: Will the newsletter be sent by email? Or will it be printed out?

A: The newsletter will be sent by email and also published on our Wechat public account.

Q: Is this a Chinese or English newsletter?

A: We suggest you to prepare both Chinese and English version, that means you can send us 2 posters.

Q: Can we choose the size/dimensions? Or do you require a certain size?

A: No, you can choose the size.

Q: Do you need my company's logo?

A: Yes, we need your logo. Please send us your logo separately on JPG format. The size should not be less than 1MB.