LinkedIn is the best professional platform in the world, but so many people aren't using it well. And now, as many businesses are entering the post-COVID era, LinkedIn could very well be your best bet to surviving economical challenges.

Join Julien Sicard and Tamar Hela as they give their best secrets and practices for getting the most out of your LinkedIn experience, including how to generate leads and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Topics covered:

  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile
  • Targeting the right leads
  • Creating awesome content—the EASY way

You'll walk away from the webinar knowing how to create a LinkedIn profile that attracts the RIGHT people, set into place a lead generation strategy to get qualified leads into your sales funnel, and use a great hack to create engaging content.

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  • Tamar Hela (COO at Genius Encel)

    Tamar Hela

    COO at Genius Encel


    Tamar Hela is the COO of the digital agency Genius Encel, is a published author and professional editor—over 45 books edited—and has helped her clients establish many different online platforms.
    Now, she helps clients optimize their LinkedIn accounts to get the results they’re after. As the Founder of Shanghai’s official #LinkedInLocal community, she loves sharing her knowledge about LinkedIn and provides events where experts can share their insights about the platform to attendees.

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  • Sicard Julien (CEO of Genius Encel)

    Sicard Julien

    CEO of Genius Encel


    Julien Sicard is the CEO and founder of the digital agency Genius Encel. With 9 years of experience on LinkedIn, he generates 80% of his revenue with the social platform—for FREE. As the #1 LinkedIn Expert in French-speaking countries, his best-selling course "LinkedIn Selling Machine" has been taken by more than 1000 students.
    Julien teaches his students the secrets of becoming a selling machine and getting new leads and clients using automation, and as Co-President of #LinkedInLocal Shanghai, he shares many tips with the community.

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