Finance&Legal Group on Budgeting and Outbound Repatriation Strategies for China

In a China SME there is no room to overspend. Since budgeting allows you to create a spending plan for your capital investment, it ensures that you will always have enough money for the things you need and the things that are important for you to grow your business in China.

Budgets also help to create repatriation strategies. One of the biggest fears of many investors is having capital "trapped' in China. Through the appropriate business model, investors can create solutions and structures to remit capital back to the shareholder(s) or any other related company. Often these models facilitate further growth in the region as well as increased management control, supply chain optimization and effective tax and legal structures.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The importance in budgeting
  • Tips on what you need to think about when budgeting in China
  • Calculating your registered capital (investment capital)
  • Designing repatriation strategies

TIME: Tuesday, May 12th, at 14:00-15:00 (potential longer)

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About the speaker:

Kristina Koehler-Coluccia

Head of Business Advisory at Woodburn Accountants & Advisors

I am a Hong Kong-born European. I have over 16 years' experience in helping foreign investors to sell their products and services into the Chinese market stress-free. I have worked with over 500 international companies, across industries and sectors on their market strategy, implementation and growth in China.

And I continue to help companies to eliminate the complexities of corporate services and compliance in China.I am a China business veteran who has experienced my fair share of successes and mistakes. I offer companies and entrepreneurs with valuable insights that help them to avoid costly errors. I absolutely love helping companies understand the opportunities of the Chinese market, implement their ideal structures (and there is no one fits-all structure) and help them focus on growth.I have developed a China Roadmap for "newbies" and "startups" entering the Chinese market. I look at evaluating the opportunities that China has to offer my clients, implement innovative and creative structures that protect your brand and overall business and finally focus on growth by offering financial and strategic analysis and advisory."

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