Finnish Young Professionals (FYP) kickstarts the fall by hosting a webinar with Nordic Friend about New Trends & Platforms for Marketing in China 2021!

Social media marketing in China differs greatly from Western countries. The tools and platforms that you and your company may already be familiar with, such as Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok, are inaccessible in China without the use of special arrangements. Chinese companies have created their own unique social media platforms that have developed their own online cultures as a result of minimal usage of Western counterparts.

To market successfully in China, advertisers not only need to know which platforms to use, but how to effectively and appropriately engage with their users. In this webinar, we'll be talking about the big three social media platforms and offering a brief introduction on how to utilize their potential to build your brand in China.

Join FYP and Nordic Friend to learn more about the changing and diverse trends and platforms for marketing in China!

The Zoom link will be send by email before the webinar.