Finance&Legal Group on 2019 New Individual Income Tax Special Additional Deduction, Social Security Tax Operation and Planning (in Chinese)

What are the changes to the Individual Income Tax Law in 2019? How to deduct special additional deduction? How to plan and how to declare personal income tax? What's the solution? At the same time, social security will be transferred to tax, which will be collected by tax authorities from January 2019. In the future, social security will be paid according to the actual salary of employees. How much more social security will be paid by enterprises or individuals? What's the solution?

Brighture team will introduce and interpret the updated key points on the basis of the draft for comments, as well as the important clauses in the operation measures.

This time we will have our Finance&Legal working group event in our FBCS member Lindex' office on Beijing (West) Road.

PRICE: This event is free of charge for FBCS Working Group members.

REGISTRATION: Registration is required to confirm a seat. You may register by replying to fbcs@fbcs.fi until Thursday, February 21, 2019 or as long as there are seats available. Registration is binding and no-shows will be charged RMB 200 unless cancelled before the end-of-day of the final registration date.

ELIGIBILITY: All of the employees of FBCS member companies are eligible to join the HR Group, the Finance&Legal and/or the Sales&Marketing Group by contacting us at fbcs@fbcs.fi. Please do not hesitate to forward this event invitation to your colleagues.


  • Susan Li (International Business CEO, Juris Doctor of Brighture Accounting&Tax Advisory Services Limited, Brighture CPA Firm)

    Susan Li

    International Business CEO, Juris Doctor of Brighture Accounting&Tax Advisory Services Limited, Brighture CPA Firm

    Susan Li has rich international experience in serving domestic and international enterprises from different industries. Susan particularly provides tax and legal service for foreign-invested companies and oversea companies. She has lawyer qualification in China and Australia. She also has worked as a lawyer in both Australia and China for many years, and has served as the legal director in southeast Asia and greater China of Kellogg, a fortune 500 company, and the risk control director of a state-owned asset management company.

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