Join us for our next Nordic Chamber collaboration event on June 7th for a two-hour power workshop into the basics and fundamentals of Chinese!

Are you struggling with learning Mandarin Chinese? Why do you think that is? Perhaps its one of the reasons below:

  • Unfamiliarity with the Chinese cultural environment.
  • Have a hard time on learning the four tones in Chinese phonetics.
  • Unable to get fluent in practical Mandarin within a short time.
  • Have learnt some basic Mandarin, but haven't found it useful.

Maybe you want to:

  • Communicate more in Mandarin in your workplace?
  • Know what people are saying (and what they actually mean?
  • Be able to give a speech in Chinese?
  • Greet with a Chinese nationals like a native speaker?

If you have lived in China for a while, you know that it is impossible to become a master in Mandarin in just one evening. However, this workshop can definitely kick start your journey to understanding the beauty of the language and give you the tools to grasp the basics!

Together with Olivia Zhang, the chief trainer at Sinohub, participants will:

  • Become familiar with key points of a learning method that will help them to progress fast.
  • Master the Chinese language pronunciation.
  • Learn basic dialogues and phrases, which will help to carry on business-related conversations.
  • Learn how to make presentations for different professional occasions.

PRICE: 50 RMB for members and 100 RMB for non-menbers. Please choose FBCS member when you make the registration.

ELIGIBILITY: All of the employees of FBCS member companies can participate at our events with Membership privileges (discounted price, access to member only events). Please do not hesitate to forward this event invitation to your colleagues.

PLEASE NOTE that we will take photographs from the event and might post these on its public webpage and or social media platforms in order to create awareness of its events. By attending this event you consent to FBCS taking and using photographs of you as described above. Please contact: fbcs@fbcs.fi if you don't want to appear in the pictures or any other inquiries related to this matter.

REGISTRATION: Kindly register via clicking the link here or by scanning the QR code in the below document.


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Baijinwan Square

Gongping Road No.99
Shanghai, China

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