The Sales&Marketing Group on Getting the Sales You Deserve

- Building and improving your Sales Funnel strategically with Lead generation V.S ABM (Account Based Marketing) and BD (Business Development) V.S KAM (Key account management)

Instead of keeping trying to fill the top of your funnel with the maximum amount of prospects, how about evaluating ABM, which flips the marketing funnel on its head?

A report from Research and Market revealed that ABM industry is predicted to touch $1,196.9 million by 2023. Marketingsherpa had reported how SAP created about $27 million in new pipeline opportunities after implementing ABM (out of top 10 of their clients in US).

Once stepping into the sales funnel, how should BD and KAM function? By understanding the differences between high priority accounts and normal accounts, the way of approaching key business relationships will be changed, since what matters most to client at different stage of sales funnel are different.

YOU will:

  1. Define your high pay off targets and identify key activities to increase your conversion rate with them
  2. Gain a new dimension to look at your sales funnel
  3. Understand how ABM can help you to get the sales you deserve
  4. Picture your sales team with clear hunter and farmer portrait
  5. Experience an engaged workshop with real-time simulation

Price: This event is free of charge for FBCS Working Group members.

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Registration: You may register by replying to fbcs@fbcs.fi until Tuesday, August 11, 2020 or as long as there are seats available. Registration is binding and no-shows will be charged unless cancelled before the end-of-day of the final registration date.

Eligibility: All of the employees of FBCS member companies are eligible to join the HR Group, the Finance&Legal and/or the Sales&Marketing Group by contacting us at fbcs@fbcs.fi. Please do not hesitate to forward this event invitation to your colleagues.


  • July 28: Workshop: How to create a good foundation for your company's sales and marketing
  • July 30: JVs in the Chinese market: Experiences and best practices
  • August 5: Intercultural management, profitability and compliance
  • August 12: The Sales & Marketing Group: Workshop on Getting the Sales You Deserve
  • September 3 - Novemver 10: Emerging Leaders Training


  • Crystal Guo (EMBA Sales Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Co-Founder of Infinity Growth (Shanghai) Co., LTD)

    Crystal Guo

    EMBA Sales Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Co-Founder of Infinity Growth (Shanghai) Co., LTD

    Infinity Growth is a firm that focuses on Sales Coaching, Training and Consulting based in Shanghai, China. Trusted by multinational B2B companies, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Organization Partners, and MBAs. Our current clients cover F&B, Fashion, SaaS, Investment, Marketing and Advertising industries.

    Crystal carries the mission to empower companies/people to get the sales they deserve as a Sales Coach, Trainer and Consultant.      

    She helped two European robotics companies to develop their business in Asia. The experience of being a VP of Sales, Far East in an Austrian High-Tech company showed her profound experience to lead a team to transfer values to clients. Together with 15+ years’ diverse and extensive corporate and startups experience, it enabled her with solid business knowledge and real-world sales experience to grow people/businesses with the right mindset, methodology and focused goals.

    She cooperated with many leading Chinese state-owned and companies as well as multinational companies such as VW group, BMW, Geely Group, CRRC, ABB, KUKA, Midea, AVIC and 3M in her past career life.

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