Online Trainning: Sales Academy's Programs For Junior And Senior Learner

This is an online Sales Academy's training programs offered by SwedCham in cooperation with FBCS, BenCham, SwissCham and the Procurement and Supply Chain Academy.

Developing and retaining talent has become a top priority for Sales Directors. Sales Academy's online training programs will quickly up-skill sales staff to the required expert level. Courses cover the entire sales cycle, from prospecting to closing, and provide the fundamental skills that every commercial employee should have. Sales Academy have the largest library of sales-specific e-learning courses and materials in the market. The courses cover comprehensively the competences required of a high performing sales team.

Learners will have 1-year access to the courses below. It will be a great opportunity to follow a diverse learning plan that touches upon all the different competences a sales' professional needs.

Junior learning plan covers: (13 courses, total duration: 400 min)

1. 5 Step Sales Process

2. Develop a Contact Strategy

3. Prospecting Fundamentals

4. From Cold Call to Client Meeting

5. Develop a Script

6. Overcoming Objection Process

7. Overcoming Price, Competition, and Time Objections

8. Fundamentals of Negotiation

9. Negotiation Process

10. Closing Checklist

11. Closing Essentials

12. Embrace the No

13. Confidence Counts

Senior learning plan covers: (12 courses, total duration: 360 min)

1. Develop a Contact Strategy

2. Gaining Referrals

3. Executive Presentation Skills

4. Overcoming Objection Process

5. Overcoming Price, Competition, and Time Objections

6. Dealing with Difficult Personalities

7. Managing Key Stakeholders

8. Using NLP to Negotiate

9. Closing Essentials

10. Embrace the No

11. Don't Take the First Answer from the Buyer

12. Using Bias in Sales

How does it work?

After your online registration, SwedCham will need at least 4 working days to process your request and send the information to Sales Academy to create your learning account. Then SwedCham will send a private email with a login, password and a link to the online learning platform. Learners will have 24/7 access to the course.

About Procurement and Supply Chain Academy

Established early 2008 by former international procurement leaders, the company is registered in Belgium under the name SiPM. It is headquartered at the Research Campus in Hasselt, Belgium, a leading international campus in the fields of technology, high-tech, IT and media.

Please notice that there is no registration via this web-page. Please follow the registration instructions here below.

Event Details:

When: It can be taken at any location and time preferred

Where: Online

Language: English

Price: 1480 RMB /Member, 1980 RMB/Non-Member (Junior learning plan or Senior learning plan)

These courses are paid online trainings, which are however offered under competitive rates in order to add more value to your membership!

REGISTRATION: You may register via this link. Please use the FBCS ticket if you are a member. Once registered, an email will be sent with instructions how to login to the webinar.

ELIGIBILITY: All of the employees of FBCS member companies can participate at our events with Membership privileges (discounted price, access to member only events). Please do not hesitate to forward this event invitation to your colleagues.