Transfer Pricing & CorporateSocial Credit - A Chinese Overview

While the Chinese tax authority, the State Administration of Taxation (SAT)' has been adept at leveraging the international tax experience of other countries, from the 1980s onwards China began to establish its own unique transfer pricing system. In this event, ORCOM C&A's CPA Romain Kaci will examine key transfer pricing developments in China, looking at tax policy and practice in light of the increasing sophistication of transfer pricing rules and regulations as well as enhanced enforcement practices. Furthermore, we will have a chance to highlight features of the origin and development of China's transfer pricing system that are specific to China, in addition to the future implications for the regulation of transfer pricing.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Social Credit System has consistently been a hot topic among foreign enterprises since the announcement of its planned rollout in 2020. However, its implications on businesses and their representatives, as well as the legal ramifications for foreign companies have largely remained in the shadows. The comprehensive reform, now expected to effectively come into force by the year 2021, has been deemed to be mainly directed towards increased transparency and a leveled playing field for Chinese and Foreign businesses alike. ORCOM C&A's Head of Foreign Investment and Corporate Affairs, Johannes Lazzaro, will analyze the series of topic-specific ratings comprised in the new Corporate Social Credit System, which present peculiarities related to both the confidentiality of corporate information, a company's relationship with its employees as well as an overall negative impact in case of low ratings, blacklisting and, more generally, non-compliance.

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  • Romain KACI (Partner at Outsourcing and Compliance Services – ORCOM C&A)

    Romain KACI

    Partner at Outsourcing and Compliance Services – ORCOM C&A


    Romain KACI has since 2016 been an integral part of ORCOM C&A’s Outsourcing and Compliance team with more than 7 years of professional experience in the accounting and audit fields.Thanks to his vivid experience in Asia and background, as well as strong comprehension of foreign investment, Romain was selected to team up with ORCOM C&A Shanghai office in Jan 2019 and has gathered extensive knowledge on China’s taxation system both from within and without.

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  • Johannes LAZZARO (Manager at Foreign Investment and Corporate Affairs – ORCOM C&A)

    Johannes LAZZARO

    Manager at Foreign Investment and Corporate Affairs – ORCOM C&A


    Johannes Lazzaro has rich experience in foreign business practices in China. As head of ORCOM C&A’s Foreign Investments and Corporate Affairs department, Johannes regularly advises multinationals, SMEs and start-ups on their overseas investment structures and operations in China.

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