To take full advantage of the Chinese market, companies have to enroll a myriad of partners to support their business. One of the most important groups of these partners are distributors. A good distributor can elevate sales performance greatly while a bad one can hinder and even halt any progress for years. It is therefore imperative for foreign companies to understand how to evaluate, leverage and manage their local distributors to drive results.

Join us in this Sales & Marketing Working Group event here we will discuss tactics on distributor management with real-life cases from a variety of industries and situations. We will also share tried and tested methods on distributor management derived from decades of experience on the China market.

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TIME: Thursday, December 5, 2019, at 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

VENUE: 5 Corporate Avenue, Level 23, 150 Hubin Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai 200021

PRICE: This event is free of charge for FBCS Working Group members.

REGISTRATION: Registration is required to confirm a seat. You may register by replying to fbcs@fbcs.fi until Wednesday, December 4, 2019 or as long as there are seats available. Registration is binding and no-shows will be charged RMB 200 unless cancelled before the end-of-day of the final registration date.

ELIGIBILITY: All of the employees of FBCS member companies are eligible to join the HR Group, the Finance & Legal and/or the Sales&Marketing Group by contacting us at fbcs@fbcs.fi. Please do not hesitate to forward this event invitation to your colleagues.


  • Veli-Antti Ruismaki (Project Director of China Sage Consultants)

    Veli-Antti Ruismaki

    Project Director of China Sage Consultants

    Veli-Antti has over 10 years of working experience in China assisting foreign companies entering the local market. He previously worked for the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, developing and managing the Chamber’s website and online communications strategy, including search engine optimization and presence on various B2B platforms.

    Currently Veli-Antti is the Project Director at China Sage Consultants, a US-owned sales management consultancy and his role is to oversee a number of key clients’ sales effort, ensuring efficiency,
    transparency and integrity working together with each client’s dedicated sales manager and client contacts. In addition, Veli-Antti manages all China Sage Consultants’ digital sales campaigns and is
    responsible for streamlined project progress and making sure clients are always informed of how their campaigns are performing.

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5 Corporate Avenue

150 Hubin Road, Level 23, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Shanghai, China

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