Today's stressful jobs and our hectic lifestyle increases chronic illnesses, reduces energy levels and costs extra money for the company.

In the future, the smart ergonomics and health-conscious super offices increase productivity one and half to three times higher than the traditional office. What do we need to do to achieve this?

In this interactive session we will first review current situation in offices, how it affects our health. We will also define what ergonomics is and changes needed. We should also not forget the importance of the environment and nutrition.

Question for the audience: Have you thought about Workplace wellness initiatives?

Two critical factors in the wellness that need to be addressed:

  • Work station set up
  • Reduction of sitting

Tuula will give you some practical tips how to implement.

PRICE: This event is free of charge for FBCS Working Group members.

REGISTRATION: Registration is required to confirm a seat. You may register by replying to fbcs@fbcs.fi until Wednesday, October 31, 2018 or as long as there are seats available. Registration is binding and no-shows will be charged RMB 200 unless cancelled before the end-of-day of the final registration date.

ELIGIBILITY: All of the employees of FBCS member companies are eligible to join the HR Group, the Finance&Legal and/or the Sales&Marketing Group by contacting us at fbcs@fbcs.fi. Please do not hesitate to forward this event invitation to your colleagues.


FinChi Innovation Center

Room 401, Building 2, No. 690 Bibo Road, Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park 上海张江高科技园区碧波路690号2号楼401室
Shanghai, China

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