China is the biggest E-commerce market in the world, but as a brand, it's tough to survive in such a fast-moving and disruptive environment. In China more than anywhere else, online players need to build their digital playbook to meet the evolving consumer needs.

Our speakers will take the audience through how E-commerce is moving away from its traditional "Direct to Consumer" format in China. They will detail the latest trends for E-Commerce in China such as Social Commerce, M-commerce, targeted offer and O2O. The Chinese E-commerce landscape will inevitably influence the rest of the world, and this session will deliver highlights to brands and organizations on how to keep up with it.


  • Hugo Arrufat (Client Success Manager at IT Consultis)

    Hugo Arrufat

    Client Success Manager at IT Consultis

    Amazed by the dynamism of the Chinese digital ecosystem, Hugo has joined IT Consultis to be at the heart of where the new digital blueprint is drawn for the rest of the world. Hugo meets with E-commerce players on a daily basis and loves imagining with those partners on how to craft digital experiences that bring the best ROI for his clients.

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  • Florian Olivier (Project Director at IT Consultis)

    Florian Olivier

    Project Director at IT Consultis

    With a solid 10 years’ experience under his belt, Florian Olivier is the orchestra director of all projects at ITC. Graduated from one of the top 5 French engineering universities, he possesses a deep understanding of the digital landscape both in China and in Europe, where he confidently delivered large, complex projects for clients such as GAP, Swatch, Sunglass Hut, and many more. With a software development background and a passion for innovation, he oversees all projects from the very beginning till the end, ensuring even the smallest details are taken care of.

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  • Nisha Rao (Head of Strategy at IT Consultis)

    Nisha Rao

    Head of Strategy at IT Consultis

    For over 10 years, Nisha has held multiple key positions as a Senior Project Manager and Consultant for well-known brands across the United States including Nike, Kraft-Heinz, UnitedHealth Group, Target, and more. Her project management experience and technical background enable Nisha to quickly identify business needs, optimize processes & operations, and manage cross-functional teams to execute technical solutions. At ITC, Nisha drives ITC Clients as Head of Strategy to continuous improvement and growth, making sure that IT Consultis brings the best ROI to its partners.

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