Team Finland China actors meet in Shanghai in the end of May. We would like to invite Finnish companies to come and join us on May 29th for discussion on country branding and future foresight. We will start the day with an outside speaker on branding after which we will move on to discuss how Finland can best be branded in China. In the afternoon, we will work together on future trends in different sectors in workshops.

Finnish companies are welcome to join the day in order to meet with Team Finland, to share views and to discuss important topics with us! You can either join the whole day or just a part of it. Please mention which part you are joining when signing up for the event.

PRICE: The event is free of charge for FBCS members (lunch is not included)

REGISTRATION: You may register by replying to fbcs@fbcs.fi until Friday, May 25, 2018, or as long as there are seats available.


  • 8:30 Special Session on Winter Sports - Discussion led by Embassy/Business Finland Team from Beijing
  • 10:00 Successful Country Branding in China - How to do branding in China? What works and what doesn't work in the Chinese context? We'll be given an overall picture of branding in China and some good examples how to do it. Guest Speaker, Mr. Dave Rumsey, CEO of ASAP+
  • 11:00 How to Brand Finland in China - Case UPM - How has UPM managed with branding in China? What to take into consideration when branding a company, how does China differ from other countries? Ms. Säde Rytkönen Brand Communications Manager & Ms. Wang Jue, Senior Environmental Specialist, UPM - Followed by discussion
  • 12:30 Lunch (not included)
  • 13:45 Future Watch Session - How do the global changes reflect to our business, how do we see the future trends and their significance to our business, what signs should we follow? - Workshop led by Sari Arho-Havren, Business Finland Hong Kong
  • 16:00 Closing Words - Ambassador Jarno Syrjälä, Embassy of Finland in Beijing
  • 16:15 Meeting ends