Effective since Jan 1, 2018, the new Anti-unfair competition law has given a clear definition for seven types of typical unfair competitions such as commercial bribery, trade secrets violation, illegal premium sales and etc. Will it affect the normal operation of the company? And if so, how? We would like to walk you through some typical cases released by the local government in hoping it might give you some hints.

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  • Echo Sun (Sun Ying) (Partner, Lawyer at W&H Suzhou Law Firm)

    Echo Sun (Sun Ying)

    Partner, Lawyer at W&H Suzhou Law Firm

    Echo Sun started her professional legal practice in China law 2008. She has extensive experience in FDI. She has served her services to many well-known multi-national foreign invested companies with particular attention to corporate establishment and liquidation/restructure, labor issue, contract issue, corporate governance and structure set-up, import & export, customs issue, tax and foreign exchange related issues, construction and etc.

    Echo used to be the senior consultant of an international big four consulting firm and the senior legal consultant of listed foreign invested company, therefore, she has very good business sense and may help the client to achieve the balance between the business needs and risk management.

    Echo is committed to corporate preventive/post-risk control, corporate governance, labor law, IPR protection, FDI and etc.

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