Difficult Conversations - at work or at home - are moments that linger in our memories and may even come back to haunt us in times when we need strength most.

Characterized by heated exchanges, flustered expressions, and uncomfortable pauses, they bring up immediate emotions like anger, frustrations, and longer term feelings of self-doubt and regrets. The reality is that conversations do not get easier as we grow older in life or more senior in position. Performance appraisals, exit interviews, disillusioned staff, pushy subordinates, over-ambitious interns, rebellious teenage children, brooding spouse, -- the list of scenarios is endless.

Understanding the intricacies of the spoken and unspoken, the what and why before turning to the how (techniques) enable a greater chance of using the right tool in a timely manner, heightening the possibility of averting a full-blown verbal and emotional tsunami.
This executive development program is a short overview around the challenges of communication beyond the basics.


  • Cara Meng (Owner at Wing and Wheel)

    Cara Meng

    Owner at Wing and Wheel

    Linda has 30+ years experience in the field of Learning and Organizational Development. She started off with academia, and then joined the corporate world, working for numerous industries throughout Asia. Being proficient in English, Cantonese and Putonghua, she merges Western studies into Asian context effortlessly. In terms of corporate scenarios, start-ups, joint-ventures, acquisitions, mergers, she was there.

    These days, running her own company, Wing and Wheel (Asia) Limited, Linda focuses on Change Management for senior management and talent groups. The brain is the mastermind of all activities and behaviours, therefore mindset change BEFORE skill set change is of great importance. Be it platform delivery, private executive coaching or special projects, Linda’s unique and refreshing way of offering new angles to familiar management topics has always been very well-received.

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