Could your company benefit from the Finland country brand? Do you know where you could find useful material to support your company image? Join the morning coffee at Consul General Jan Wahlberg’s residence and find out more about what’s already available for you. Team Finland wants to present the already existing tools and at the same time learn from the FBCS member companies how to further develop the Finland country branding so that it meets the companies’ needs and expectations. Many companies found it useful when Finland launched the “Finland 100” brand to support last year’s celebrations and have been asking if there is a continuation for this. Join this morning event to share your ideas and thoughts regarding Finland’s country branding.
  • 08:30 Coffee
  • 09:00 Jan Wahlberg, Consul General of Finland to Shanghai: Welcoming words
  • 09:05 Maria Halava-Napoles, Deputy Consul General, Consulate General of Finland: Introduction to country branding
  • 09:15 Veli-Matti Palomäki, Coordinator for Finland Promotion, Consulate General of Finland: From Suomi 100 to Suomi 101 and beyond: Finland's country branding in Shanghai and China
  • 09:30 Visit Finland: Introducing Visit Finland's tools for country branding
  • 09:35 Q & A
  • 10:00 Open discussion & networking
  • 10:30 Event ends