Boost your Image in China!

Good table manners are not only about sophistication, they are also about giving the best, the most professional image possible. In this event you will get the chance to learn from Charles Chio on how to really impress others with authentic Chinese table manners.

No more awkward table moments in China!

Main Content:
  • Chinese culinary history
  • Differences in Chinese cuisine from North to South
  • Traditional Chinese table manners
  • "Friendship first - then business deal" at the table


6:30 PM - 7 PM
7 PM - 8:30 PM
Dinner and coaching in Chinese table manners
8:30 PM - 9 PM
Networking and discussion


  • Charles Chio (Fengsui Master, 风水大师)

    Charles Chio

    Fengsui Master, 风水大师

    Charles Chio is a known in Chinese Astrology rom Asia to Europe, Middle East to North America.

    Charles Chio is also a Fengshui master. He has consulted in Shanghai, Beijing, HK, Singpore, Vietnam, Russia, Australia and Malaysia.

    Over decades he has dedicated his time and energy to study the application of I Ching, (Book of Changes) and he wants to apply this unique, Chinese treasure from the past to modern daily life to make people live harmoniously and happily.

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